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Who's to Blame

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Who’s to Blame?
Poverty is the main problem of more than half of the Filipinos. It affects most of their plans and decisions in life.   We can say that poverty is a cause and at the same time, an effect. Cause because it creates many other problems and effect because it is most often the result of wrong decisions we make and wrong actions we take.
A large number of Filipinos suffers from poverty.   Most of them put the blame on the government.   They think the government is the one responsible for but is so slow in addressing the economic problems of the country and its people.   But is the government really the one responsible for it? Who’s really to blame?
Every country has a government to support it, to develop it and secure the needs of its people. In our country, we cannot deny that the government lacks immediate and accurate response in addressing our economic problems that contribute and/or lead to the existence of poverty.   Among these problems, corruption has the most significant impact to people.   It is a very infectious disease that puts severe malfunctioning in a government’s economic system. It slows down the government in creating better economic opportunities for the people because the fund for its implementation is diverted to personal benefit of a few.   So the country’s economic development is hampered and the people’s financial progress is stopped, thus poverty.   But then, do you think it’s the government which should be blamed solely?
Aside from corruption, many other factors contribute to the existence of poverty.   Among these factors are imbalanced distribution of wealth among people, social discrimination, inaccessibility to good education, gambling, vices, inappropriate lifestyles, and the most famous manana habit.
Knowing that the significant factors contributing to poverty are beyond our control and that the government seems to be not helping us, I think the only option left for us is to make and exert our own effort to surpass...


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