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EWWW! WHAT IS THIS,YUCK,NO FLAVOR TOO .This is what people tend to complain about everyday regarding the lunch at somersetprep high at north Lauderdale. The somersetprep high administration needs to change the quality of food they serve, or present students with better alternatives in the cafeteria.
      In this generation of health of our youth, wouldn’t it make more sense to use only natural, low fat ingredients? Students who buy their lunch regularly were interviewed and 95 percent said that the food made them feel low on energy, and quite sad. And 90 percent interviewed stated that they felt the district was not making healthy eating a priority for all students.   “OH MY GOSH! I could use chicken as an rock!” said an junior at somerset high while eating lunch. Another student commented saying “well, at least your food isn’t rubbery and soaked in grease   like the crust of my pizza last Friday !” Some students have had an opposing comment “I like the nuggets and the meatballs, I just wish they had more to choose from!” while the cafeteria does have a small amount of healthy decent tasteing foods   the other items you see on warmers are covered with a shiny grease coating or when pulled out of cardboard packaging are hard or have the elasticity of a rubber band. How can the school call all their food healthy when it has the qualities of office supplies?
    With such a small selection of   healthy good tasting food, it’s no wonder many students choose to go hungry through their afternoon classes awaiting the final bell in order to go someplace for a satisfying meal. I asked a student why you don’t eat lunch she stated that “I just wait to eat after school, I can go to subway for the same price and know what I’m eating is actually good for me and tasty!” if the school offered decent and variety of   foods   they knew was healthy, students wouldn’t half to starve themselves the second part of the day.   Other after school hot spots students rave about are Souper...


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