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Spring Break

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The first time I ever travelled to Florida was when I was only a year old. It was on this trip that I was bitten by a pelican, because the bird thought my tiny shoeless foot was a fish. We still tell that story and laugh, even after 16 years. Since that trip, we’ve travelled to multiple places in and out of the country, and in each place we’ve travelled I have so many fond family memories, like that one, that I hold near to my heart. But I’d like to branch out and make some similar memories of my own. Mom and Dad, please allow me to take a spring break trip to Florida with three of my close friends. I know your thoughts right off the bat: NO WAY. You hear all of the crazy stories about teens venturing out on their own for spring break. Well I’m here to show you that I am truly ready to take this next step toward independence. I want to show you that I am capable of taking care of myself. I’m willing to compromise to fit whatever rules or restrictions you may have. Travelling on my own with friends will prepare me for independence and strengthen my maturity, it wouldn’t be all that expensive, and it would be very safe.
Teen aren’t given enough credit. We’re told we don’t have control over our lives, which is often expressed in bad ways. According to a website discussing the book “The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen” by Robert Epstein, the key to fight off all negative behavior is to allow young people to enter the adult world as soon as they show they’re ready. I feel that I’ve done multiple things to show how responsible and ready I am. I’m able to successfully juggle dance four nights a week, work my two jobs two times a week, and on top of all that I manage to keep good grades at school. I work hard in everything I do, and if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. Not only am I responsible, but my friends are. You know all of my friends, and you know I wouldn’t invite anyone on this trip that I thought would choose to make bad...


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