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Columbian Exchange Essay

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Columbian Exchange Essay
During the late 15th century, Christopher Columbus had arrived in the West Indies, finding the New World located in North America. Although he had “claimed” it as being apart of the New World, it was still a part of the Native American’s land. Not only did he begin to bring savages, but Christopher Columbus also caused many diseases to be brought back to his homeland. Although many people believe that it was Christopher Columbus who is to blame for the troubles the Native Americans were forced to face, it was indeed the English, too. While the Indians did not have much of a say in becoming savages, they were also unable to have a say in their land being taken over by the English. Christopher Columbus was the one who began the havoc that the English had brought on to the Native American populations. However blame should also be placed on the Europeans for continuing the havoc following the creation of the New World.
In the West Indies, once Christopher Columbus had arrived, the Indians were currently occupying the land. After realizing this, Columbus came up with a plan to distract the Indians so he could ultimately take them over. In the Indian culture, trading was a custom, along with respecting other beliefs. Therefore, after realizing how important their spiritual and cultural beliefs were to them, Columbus decided to trick them. Columbus began to trade with the Indians, whether it was by trading foods, spices, or technologies. The Indians were beginning to consider Europeans as allies. After getting help from the Europeans, the Indians and their land were invaded. Although the Native Americans had tried their hardest to defend themselves, their beliefs made it known that they were not superior to anyone. Therefore they let the Europeans take advantage and take their homeland over with very little fighting. By doing so, the Indians made it very simple for the Europeans to take advantage of them.
After taking over the Native American’s...


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