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Moonlight Mares

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October 6th 

It was a dark cloudy night and the moon was glowing way above me. Strangely, it was shining a lot more than usual. The cold air was whipping against me while my mother paced anxiously beside me. 

I wondered what was going on; it was just a normal night. Wasn’t it? Minutes passed and my mother was still staring nervously at the moon. I asked her;

“Mother, what are we doing here?” 

She did not reply. She just kept looking at the moon, so I figured that I would know in time and did not bother to ask again.

I was soon bored of waiting for my mother so I went and galloped around a little. I wondered why we weren’t with our herd, then remembered they weren’t nice to me anyway, they always were scared of me! Mom said it was because I'm special, but the horses in my herd always made me feel different and horrible! 

Just then, a strange light exploded from the hovering moon! A huge herd of brilliantly glowing horses came soaring down from the sky.   “Mom! What’s happening?” I exclaimed nervously.

The herd of mystic horses flew ever closer and soon there was no time for chatter. A majestic black stallion appeared before us, seemingly out of nowhere. He spoke softly to my mother and she nodded her head. I was so confused! Was this why my mother had taken me here, away from my herd? How did she even know the stallion?

Then the black stallion turned to me he said, “I am New Moon, leader of the moonlight herd, do you know who I am?” The stallion seemed familiar but I was so shocked that I couldn’t remember. My mother nudged me with her nose and pointed to the knarled old tree to my left. I realized with a shock this was the field I used to play in as a foal, with my dad, before he left. I then concluded that New Moon was my sire! 

I exclaimed, “You’re my sire! But then why are you here?” 

New Moon replied, “You, My dear, are one of us, and we have come to take you to the Moonlight Academy where special foals, like yourself, learn to become mysterious,...


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