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Criminology in Pakistan

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Criminology in Pakistan
Criminology Is Obsessed With the Crimes of the Powerless at the Expense of the Crimes of the Powerful
        One of the recurring themes of criminology is prejudicial application of law to various sections and groups in the society. “Law governs the poor and rich rules the law” profoundly reflects the divide in selective operation of law to the advantage of certain sections at the cost of others. Unfortunately this divide is also visible in the academic and intellectual endeavors undertaken by the scholars in the study of crimes and criminals. A survey of the criminology literature generates an impression that much more emphasis has been laid on the crimes generally committed by the poor and marginalized groups and individuals than those perpetrated by the powerful and richer individuals, groups or organizations. In this essay we will try to analyze how far this impression is true, and if true what are the reasons for this lopsided approach on the part of the criminologists and finally what new trends are emerging in this connection.
      Before moving on to analyze the situation let us have a look at various categories of crime committed by the powerless on the one hand and the powerful on the other. Burglary, theft, robbery, homicide, wounding, extortion, assault, rape, buggery and intimidation are common crimes which are associated with poor and powerless. On the other hand the crimes like white collar and organized crimes and the crimes committed by the states and corporations involving large scale human rights violations are categorized as crimes of the powerful.
      There are a number of reasons that support the contention that the criminologists have been obsessed with the crimes of the powerless. First of all this is not a matter of perception or impression only, it also contains a measure of truth in it. There is a widespread notion that crimes are committed by the poor and poverty and deprivation are major criminogenic...


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