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How and Why Did the Nazis Indoctrinate German Youth

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Hitler and the Nazis used many techniques to make there enemies like the jews and communists the enemies of the people of germany, one way they did this was to put Anti-Semitism on the school curriculums, in math problems for example ‘A plane on take off carries 12 bombs, each weighing ten kilos.   The aircraft makes for Warsaw , the centre of international Jewry.   It bombs the town.   On take off with all bombs on board and a fuel tank containing 1500 kilos of fuel the aircraft weighed 8 tonnes.   When it returned from the crusade, there were still 230 kilos of fuel left.   What is the weight of the aircraft when empty?’ this is a typical math problem used to indoctrinate the youth, the reason hitler used these techniques was the make killing jews and anti semitic behavior the usual thing for young children to hear.

German Children joined the hitler youth where there was alot of anti semitism, for example one boy said ‘todays homework was to read the booklet on how the jews are going to take over the world’ this is completely not true but a young child would believe it and feel anger and hate towards the jews.

Public posters saying things like ‘no jews allowed’ would make the people feel that jews are second class citizens and normalize anti-semitism in society.

Indoctrination wasn't just used about anti semitism, but militarism also, physical activity was hugely important, taking up to 15% of school time, also in the Hitler youth children as young as 12 would learn to use firearms and also how to use grenades! Children also were rewarded with things like knives by the Nazis for completing tasks at the nazi youth, hitler was trying to make lots and lots of young, strong, aryan soldiers of the German army who wanted to fight and lay their life down for Hitler.


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