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Fault Elimination Methods of Corn Flour Milling Machine

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How to use a corn flour milling machine? How to deal with the problems better of corn flour milling machine? Here has a simple explanation about how to correctly troubleshoot this problem.
First, the production temperature of the flour should be adjusted appropriately loose roller gap , in the case of roller wear the reasons should be repaired or replaced ; summer to pay attention to the heat of the machine. Second, the machine is working properly, but production declined. Should adjust the roller gap , compression spring , ensuring consistent roller gap at both ends . Is also possible that prolonged use of grinding teeth , caused serious wear and tear , should be re- drawing. Third, check CORN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE, check screws , tighten grinding and rack coupling bolts . Check the solid angle of the situation and ground screw .Fourth , only the flour , no bran. There are not a common cause of spindle rotation , screen breakage or screen frame.

Flour does not represent a small machine unit less processing time, but to a small machine footprint flour, low cost and high efficiency. Small flour mill corn omitted screening and washing process, only the corn to roll processing, thus improving the processing efficiency of corn.
Each sort of corn flour milling machine has its own benefits. It is mainly used in the production of a number of workshops. It is also loved by many people and its mill roller is now the world's flour processing device of choice. If you want to learn more knowledge, please concern our News. For more information, please visit: http://www.wintone-machinery.com/


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