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Is God Real

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| Is God Real? A Question of Origins
Is God real? Surprisingly, this fundamental question is simplistic in nature. It is solved by asking another question, "Where did everything come from?" Where did space, time, matter, energy and information come from?
Theists have always acknowledged an Intelligent Designer as being the source of all things. Atheists, on the other hand, believe there is no Supreme Being. Prior to the 20th century, the majority of atheists held the universe to be eternal, without need of a Creator. However, laws such as thermodynamics and discoveries such as galactic motion and proton decay have led scientific authorities to this absolute certainty -- the universe at some point began! The implications of these scientific observations have caused atheists to seek out a mechanism by which the universe could have created and developed itself via random chance, without any Intelligent Director. The need for such a mechanism is foundational for atheists, because if they're unable to identify such a mechanism, they must either acknowledge the necessity of a Creator God or simply accept the fact that they cling to an unreasonable worldview. Enter the Big Bang theory, the related Inflation Universe theories, and Darwin's theory of evolution. Is God Real? The Evolution Paradigm
Is God real? Not if you ask British Naturalist Charles Darwin. In 1859, Darwin purposed a mechanism by which evolutionary descent from a common ancestor may be possible without resorting to a Creator God. And so began the campaign to exclude God from science. The mechanism? Natural Selection. It has since been shown that Natural Selection is a conservative process, not a creative mechanism. Nevertheless, atheists cling enthusiastically to Neo-darwinian theory. In dramatic fashion, Evolution has become a "religion," where faith trumps empirical science.

H.S. Lipson, Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester, UK, agrees, "In fact, evolution became in a sense a...


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