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This file describes issues that may affect the use of this product.

* - Fixed an error when application opens up and randomly crashes on computers with less than one gb of memory installed.

* - Updated the installer to latest version of InnoSetup.   New installer fixes many outdated strings and provides better international support.

* - Fixed bug where files opened would sometimes become locked and no further read or writes worked until restarting application or rebooting computer.

* - Minor update which removes some images which were no longer used, allowing the software to drop slightly in file size.

* - Major bug fix with the way the software was compiled, was not including image and data files properly into the executable causing some images and text to not appear for some users.

* - Fixed bug which would cause software to hang for several seconds when installed to an SSD rather than traditional harddrive.   Also now runs on computers with 16 gb or more of ram, would previously crash due to code which did not account for more memory installed.

* - Updated installer with latest version of InnoSetup which fixes several install and uninstall bugs, adds new features and improves speed of installation.

* - Changed compression level on installer which was caused installation to fail on machines with slower processors or low memory installed.

* - Removed graphic component which caused certain older graphic cards to crash the driver requring a reboot in some instances for the desktop to reappear.

* - Fixed problem with installer on 64bit versions of Windows that would extract files to the incorrect temp directory.

* - Added security update to address ACL permissions on registry keys to prevent guest users from modifying settings and access license keys.



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