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Unit 3 - Keep Children Safe

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                  Diary Task 3 Unit 7: Play & Learning in Children's Education.

Experience No. (2)     - Circle Time

P7.8. Describe TWO (2) of activities or experience which encourage children's awareness of their own and others safety.

Within my KS1 practice another way we show children aware of safety and others is at circle time. Circle time in my placement is the time to sit and socialise and speak to their friends on their row. On the carpet the children are seated next to one another looking like rows, we have 6 rows with six children seated. As the children sit on the carpet there are a number of rules the children must follow for their safety. Children have to sit on the carpet with arms and legs crossed to avoid other children getting hurt. When children’s arms are kept to themselves, there are less chances of other children getting hurt on their body. When children are getting up to go the toilet they need to go certain way so they do not hurt anyone.   As a practitioner it is important that we teach children the importance of keeping safe as it teaches them to learn to self-defensive.   In my setting we also have a volunteer that comes into the setting to speak to the children, who speaks about keeping save

Describe your role?
My role within this experience is that I supervise the children when they are on the carpet ensuring that they sit on the carpet with their arms crossed so that they do not hurt anybody by pocking, smacking or hitting. During this time it is important that children must know the importance of hurting others and consequences of their actions.

Consider the implications if children have not got an awareness of their own and others safety

Children who do not have an awareness of their safety tend to go through stages of life not knowing what to do in an emergency. In my setting we also have a volunteer that comes into the setting to speak to the children about keeping safe in and out of school.

P.7.9 Reflective...


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