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Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide
Everyone has the right to choose what to do with their life as long as nobody else gets hurt. That’s what I think people should say when they are asked about assisted suicide. I’ve always thought that only you can decide your destiny. I can’t understand how some people say this is inhumane or why they would be against it when it does not affect anybody but the individual who chose this as the method to end his life. I think people who are against it are misunderstanding what it really means and that’s why the think of it as an immoral action.        
Assisted suicide refers to the process by which a registered physician can prescribe medicaments that will help to end someone’s life upon the patient’s request. It would be an option for those individuals who feel that they do not have anything else to do in this world because of their physical status. This would give them a chance to die with dignity instead of going through pain for an indefinite amount of time. Assisted suicide would only be approved if the patient has a very serious illness and has no chance of recovery, which means it would not be assassinating a person but rather help them skip the painful and brutal part of their death. If this was legalized, nobody would be forced to die this way; there should be a written agreement between both the patient and the physician in order for this to take place.
“If somebody wants to take their own life, obviously they feel a reason for that. You may not think it’s a good reason. I may not think it’s a good reason. But you know what? It’s that person’s life.” Said Craig Ewert on the documentary of his assisted suicide case. He was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which affects the spinal cord and completely paralyzes you. He was born in Chicago but had been living in northern England for a couple of years when he found out about his disease. After months of suffering and deep thinking he decided to use lethal medication...


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