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Juvenile Justice

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Juvenile Delinquency

Should juveniles be tried as adults? In today society many adults are trying to
worse crimes, its not their parents reponsanilities, juveniles are able to make their own desicions.
Many juveniles who are not charged as adults just because they are to young are most likely to comit the same crime   or worse crimes in their adulthood. Many of those teenagers who are treated with indulgency and sent to serve a short sentence
what if a mother child got killed by an adult or juvenile? wouldn't they want their killer to pay not mattering how old they are they could be young, middle aged or even a third age person. While that mother will never be able to see his child again in what he or she could of become if he or she was still alive. While the killer serve a short sentence and later be walking on the streets.

Not everything is their parents reponsabilities as some teenagers might says probababily its; they might have not grown in a lovely home with a beautiful family instead in a home were there was violence mistreated to each one of the family member leading the juvenile to imitate everything their parents did. But intead they should learn from their parents mistake instead of them commiting the same or worse mistake then they did.

juvineles who comits a crime or any other person are considered a criminal. But in this case its not talking about babies its talking about juveniles; teenagers who are able to make their own decisions, who are able to think to recapacitate in what they do when they kill someone or participate in any other type of felony they first think about it before making any decisions. Don't short sentences for crawded jails,



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