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2. How to Make Straw Feed by Corn Processing Machine?

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Corn processing machine, such as guillotine chopped , crushed or crumbled machine, is the most common machine used in straw feed making. To meet the ruminant livestock’s requirements for forage utilization, the machine can process the straw into the wire feed rub strips ; particularly suited to cattle, sheep, camels and other ruminants .

Straw crumple only improves palatability, but also improves feed efficiency , feed utilization of straw is ideal current processing methods . Silage is harvested fresh ( green ) directly after crushing straw pit storage , bagging or bundling a technology package during storage. Compacted silage sealed under suitable conditions of humidity, containing the microorganism itself anaerobic fermentation lactic acid, lactic acid , so that the material inside the reservoir pH to about 4.5 . In this case, propagation will stop most microorganisms , lactic acid finally produced lactic acid are also controlled by their growth stops , so as to achieve the purpose of silage . Due to the requirements of straw silage moisture content of between 60% to 70% , when the moisture content is too low it can not work, and therefore are limited in time.   It is processed by the CORN PROCESSING MACHINE. According to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural experts estimated that 5.6 kg of silage corn stalks energy equivalent to the energy one kilogram of maize ( dry stalks of energy is very small , but after yellow after storage significantly improve the nutritional value ) .Yellow is the use of the reservoir has been dry ( yellow ) straw as raw material , after the mechanical rub crushed , add water and biological agents , and then later baler bagging a technology storage .

Feed silage and straw yellow receptacles are using the principle of microbial fermentation for storage , referred to as " Microbial ." The use of acid and other chemicals on poor quality roughage - straw feed processing, partial degradation of cellulose and lignin , to improve its...


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