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Essay on Bullying at School

Bullying at School
The dramatic escalation of violence committed by and against people is shocking (Eron et al., 1994). Violence can be defined as behavior that is intended to injure another person. Violent behaviors come in many forms.
School Bullying
School bullying can be defined in two ways. According to media’s perspective, school violence is something in which an armed student shoots at other students and teachers. The other definition, which seems more appropriate, says school violence is an act against other students that creates a hostile environment and negatively affects the students, either physically or psychologically. School violence includes all types of physical or verbal assaults, threats, coercion, and all forms of harassment.
Adolescent violent behavior and school violence is a common issue of present time. It has been estimated that approximately 16 percent of the high school students per year have been engaged in physical fight or violence. Surveys revealed that according to teachers 3 percent students are always carrying weapons in school. According to the students, the percentage of weapon carrying students is 13 percent while according to law enforcement agencies this percentage is 8 percent. This percentage is going higher up to 20 percent in some urban high schools and up to 50 percent in lower-tier New York schools. Average number of guns in school per day range from 100,000 to 270,000.   Most of these weapons are stolen and available on the street with a very cheap price. Studies also revealed that students carrying weapons in schools either for self-esteem or for peer acceptance.
School violence is not a simple problem and it has more long lasting effects on the society and culture than anticipated. First of all violence at school affects the behavior of the victims as well as the violent students themselves. On the other hand the violent students feel that they are important and this importance is...


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