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  Hearts racing thinking what could she say next that will make me feel any worst? But there’s nothing she just turn around and walk away leaving me just standing there breathing. Clueless, I walking around thinking how I could handle this she just broke my heart and all I could do is just stand there and think. Expressing my feelings has always been a problem and now it just cost me my girlfriend and then at that moment I still didn’t know how to express myself.
  I just walked away, honestly I need to talk to someone, but not just anyone someone who knew how I felt, the crazy thing is I didn’t know how I felt so how can I express myself if there is nothing to express? Conflict I went to my best friend hoping for answer but he had no clue of what to do he expressed his self so easy, he was loud when was happy and quite when he was sad pretty much typical. Me on the other hand I was quite all the time. He just knew how to read me I never had to express myself never.
  So if I could “share my feelings” better life will be a lot easier, which is not the case I expect everyone to automatically know. Since mom read me pretty much everyone close to me knew how I felt when I felt it so talking was pointless unless they gave me advice. I heard communication is everything from body language to having a conversation so if I had a choice it’ll b body language that I communicate with but the world we live in you have to be some type of bilingual. But how, I can’t just open up to everyone. And everyone I am open to doesn’t need me to say much to understand.
  Sharing my feelings has always been a challenge no matter what emotion it was sometimes I just wish some people can just read my mind. I’m as upfront and frank as I can be but everyone can’t read between the lines.


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