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God's Grandeur

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God’s Grandeur
Poetry Explication

English 104

In the poem, “God’s Grandeur”, by Gerard Manley Hopkins (rpt. In James P. Place Literature: A reader for Freshman Composition ll, 2nd ed. [Boston: Pearson, 2012] 418), there are many different points on nature in our world as it exists today. Hopkins is basically asking why people don’t take better care of it. He wants to know why the world is slowly drifting away from its naturally born feel. The natural feel of the world no longer exists in the world today. It is paved with roads, not flowers and trees that were originated on the land itself. In the poem Hopkins says even though the sun sets and brings darkness, the sun always rises and brings light into the world. The real meaning behind the poem moreover is that god created this world into how it should be not for human to mess around with its natural feeling. Hopkins uses very tricky language in order to capture your mind about what is happening and how life should be on earth.
The poem is a sonnet designed with just two stanzas. Fourteen lines of iambic pentameter. In this case, composed of two parts, the first stanza is an octave (8 lines) followed by a sestet (6 lines). The rhyme scheme for the octave is (a-b-b-a-a-b-b-a), and the sestet rhymes in the pattern (c-d-c-d-c-d). This poem is divided up in the first stanza which describes the world as it was created to how man has treated it. Then following is the second stanza which describes how nature described responds to all of it. The final lines state that daylight continues to follow night, because the Holy Ghost is hovering over the world not happy about what is present in the world but is kind and caring.
In stanza 1 he describes the world as being changed from its natural feel. Hopkins states that the natural world is basically inseparable from God. But, at the same time is saying that the world is briefly in existence. He also states this, “And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared...


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