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Glass Menagerie

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How does The Glass Menagerie Focus on Each Character
Tonya Rising
Everest Online College
AML 2000-38 Introduction to American Literature-38
Instructor Murphy
December 7, 2013

The poem Glass Menagerie handle with the conflict of a human’s right to happy in life and the person’s responsibility has to other people.   Then I will be writing about how conflict is affecting real people in their everyday life and living.   In my essay I will write how I feel about conflict.   First I write how feel about to be happy and then what it like, is have responsibility to other people.   Finally, I wrote how Tom did leave home and my feeling about him.  

I believe when a human does find joy and happiness they should always be first.   When a person finds it they can very successful in anything they do in their life.   I believe when you find a job you love then you will a lot of new people and make lot friends at your new jobs.

I believe when a human does the right thing liability should came first.   One example, when Tom family did care of themselves that well and they where could not care for Tom.   This example shows responsibility should have been first.  

I believe Tom did make wise decision in leaving home because his mom is always screaming at him about his poor judgments.   He had to keep track of all the money for the family clothes and food.   In the essay each of character his or her in their own way did not have to face reality.


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