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Anaylis Two Papers

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Summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in   two newspaper articles.

The intentions for this assignment are to examine, consider and discuss various perceptions of mental health. The associated   factors connected to diagnosis and the diversity of treatments available, as portrayed in the two newspaper articles.

Reflecting on the newspaper articles, the common analysis appears to be   how suffering from fear and sadness is currently classified as a "modern day epidemic".(Wright,O,2011.) With one in four people in the UK suffering at some stage in their life   the connected   financial evidence   illustrates the substantial impact on the British   economy.

While   the general consensus points to the rise in this condition, there are conflicting opinions relating to its cause and   subsequent management. Some hold the view that in the majority of cases, mild to moderate symptoms can be a natural reaction to unforeseen or traumatic events which occur periodically throughout life. Psychologist Dr. Paul Keedwell asks   why [...] "such a common condition has not been bred out through evolution. Perhaps it is because we need something that makes us put the brakes on [...] to reassess our goals and strategies". (Hagan, P. 2011)

The frequent perspective currently taken amongst doctors, regarding the   effectiveness of prescription medicine, seems to position` talking therapies', including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as the new alternative to anti depressants for some forms of mental illness.

Helen, a sufferer of the illness, reiterates this viewpoint, believing medication is not the answer. She affirms sufferers need to recognise and accept help "Once I realised there was a reason for how I was feeling, I knew I could do something about it". (Hagan, P. 2011).

The process of therapy, combined with proactive lifestyle changes, received strong support from the government, who feel a desirable outcome would be to build public...


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