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Chapter 1 TCO assignment

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Seattle Fire Department Use of Data911 Mobile Computers
Hard cost:
Hardware: PC, laptop and peripherals
Program: upfront fees, license fees, and the costs of development
Development system: application design, development and integration and staging
Soft costs
Training: Initial user training
Operational maintenance system, and technical support 3rd party, and internal technical support, upgrades, and application management
Stop: lost work / wages, lost revenue, and hardware replacement
The ruggedized devices used by most of the organizations in the study VDC to address the challenges of the mobile environment: extreme changes in temperature and dust / particulate matter, vibration and physical blows, and the contamination of Biochemistry, and humidity, and water / rain.

The two important conclusions from the study:

Was ruggedized mobile devices at a lower cost of ownership of 53 % of the non- ruggedized devices? Take into account the costs of the purchase price, and the guarantee fee / maintenance, and replacement parts and lost work / wages, and the cost of technical support, etc. Note: represent the productivity lost nearly 52% of the total cost of ownership of the devices ‘.
Was ruggedized mobile devices failure rate, which was 63% less than the hardware is comparable ruggedized: 6.5 % failure rate for ruggedized versus 17.5 % for non- ruggedized? The main source of the failure of the hard drives, displays, keyboards.
C. Seattle fire experience
Took over the distribution of costs in the research study VDC replacement cycle 4.5 on laptop ruggedized year and 3 years for laptop is rugged. Experience in the Seattle Fire Department with computers Data911 is that the replacement cycle is really 8 years for the entire PC MDC is rugged and only last about two years if installed in a car fire.

Assess the total cost of ownership, below, on the basis of 21 months of maintenance work orders,...


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