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Why Did the Usa Fail in Vietnam

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e Why did the USA fail in Vietnam?
There are many reasons as to why the USA failed in Vietnam including; their lack of support from both the US population and Vietnamese population, their unsuccessful tactics, their lack of familiarity of their jungle surroundings, their inexperienced young soldiers and their harmful, destructive yet ineffective weaponry. The cost of the Vietnam War for the US was also a cause as to why they failed, as they could not afford to keep spending so much money on a war that was not going to be won by them. The Viet Cong hid underground, set booby traps and did not wear uniform and they knew their surrounding which put the US at a huge disadvantage. The Viet Cong used guerrilla warfare that the US were not prepared for.
The US undoubtedly had well trained soldiers, however they were not trained to fight in a jungle and in those fighting conditions and especially in surroundings they were unfamiliar with, and the US soldiers were trained to fight like they had done in past wars. And as the war went on the new soldiers were even more unsuited to fight in the jungle conditions. The Viet Cong did not have a well-trained army but knew their surroundings very well and used it to their advantage. The Viet Cong had 170,000 army men that were well equipped for the war due to their assistance from the USSR and China. Additionally, from 1967 large numbers of soldiers were drafted into the War who were inexperienced, too young and didn’t want to fight. Among these newly drafted soldiers there was an atmosphere of low morale. Most of these soldiers were very young and never had anything to do with the military before which as a result meant 60% of the soldiers killed in Vietnam were aged 17-21 years. Not only this but the new recruits did not care about the Vietnam War, they did not really know anything about it, neither did they care about a democracy or communism; they just wanted to stay alive. As a result of this, many turned to the usage of...


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