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Mining Operations at the Site

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Mining operations at the site have been suspended while the heap leach facility and processing plant will keep running for environmental compliance reasons.The company has no predictions as to Iron Ore Crushing and Washing Plant when the strike may end or how production will be impacted.
Is the bear market in mining equities finally over? It looks that way, says Ron Struthers, publisher and editor of Struthers' Resource Stock Report. In this interview with The Gold Report, Struthers explains what distinguishes this recovery from past ones: TSX Venture Exchange stocks, not the majors, are leading the way. But which juniors should investors favor, Struthers names several with proven management, ample funding and good share structures.
The Gold Report: Back in July, you said that the bullion banks' fractional reserve system was coming under stress. Mobile Crusher Plant Made in America Do the big gains in gold and silver bullion this year suggest that this system is breaking down
Ron Struthers: I believe the fractional reserve gold system has seen more stress and was probably in good part responsible for cementing the bottom in gold around $1,200/ounce. We know Germany has not even been able to repatriate the modest amounts it asked for. The gold is simply not there. The physical gold was leased or sold years ago.It depends where you are. Asians don't think of paper gold at all. To them, it's all physical. Pozzolana Cement Production Line They buy it, keep it as savings and pass it from generation to generation. But North Americans like to trade things, to buy and sell for short-term profit, so they are more apt to buy paper gold products like futures and exchange-traded funds.


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