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The United States, home of many distinct individuals who have migrated looking for a better life. This incredible country, has become enriched with so many cultures that are diverse in many ways. They all have their own language, music, their own dishes. Coming from a Mexican background, I feel blessed to be to be part of such an exquisite culture and speak the beautiful language, Spanish. Spanish has always been present in my life and I learned it at a very young age as my parents immigrated from Mexico. My grandfather was a great inspiration to learn both languages, therefore i wanted to know what he was saying in this distinct language at that time. since he was bilingual he would read to us both in mexico folklore and english literature stories. i started to become more familiar with english. at that point it was an ease when i went to visit my family back in mexico because i was able to communicate perfectly with both my elders.
Every day i continue to learn about my unique language and culture. However, interacting with my family has encouraged me to keep learning about my roots. Attending various family reunions has definitely opened more doors when it comes to learning about my culture. Spanish has become a very important factor in my life as i utilize this to communicate this daily. Through spanish I have many opportunities to contribute to my community and family.
The Central valley is in the middle of California and its a melting pot to many cultures and languages just floating around. Knowing just one language wont be enough to be versatile with people in the area. What if for example i get stranded in China Town and i need a way to get out of the city, you wont be able to to get directions out because the only language you know is english. Knowing spanish is very important especially because i live in the Central Valley, since most people speak spanish its easier to communicate with my people. It also helps me translate for other people in need....


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