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Sharing on Nuclear Power

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Good morning. Look at stuff around you. The fans, the lights, the air conditioner, everything needs energy. This invisible energy seems to be sufficient for us but actually they will be used up on day. Scientists estimate that the fossil fuel will be used up in 200 years. And for this generation, what we have to do is to find alternative energy sources.
Since nuclear power was discovered in 1938, it was believed to be the most sustainable and efficient energy source. But over so many centuries, people have indicated that nuclear power is actually posing more harm to us. But all over the world, even in Hong Kong, we are still using nuclear power. We are actually gambling our life and the environment if we keep using nuclear power in HK.
We cannot afford to take the risks that nuclear power poses on human. Accidents of nuclear power plants will lead to the leakage of radiation, even in the nuclear wastes. Cancer, genetic diseases and even death will certainly follow. When radiation spread over in a small city like Hong Kong, no one can avoid suffering from it.
Previous disasters have shown us how terrible a nuclear accident could be. The impact that nuclear explosions in Chernobyl 26 years ago and Fukushima in 2011 is undeniably far-reaching. The Chernobyl disaster alone has caused an estimation of 200,000 deaths. That’s the price of using nuclear power. Can we afford it? Moreover, Hong Kong is more densely populated than Chernobyl and Fukushima, so the consequences will be even more disasterous. I am sure that we don’t want to gamble on the invaluable 7 million Hong Kong people’s life?

And don’t believe that nuclear power is more environmentally friendly than the combustion of fossil fuels. For using water to cool down the machine in the operation of nuclear power, thermal pollution is generated. It is definitely not environmentally friendly that aquatic organisms could be killed by sudden temperature changes Moreover; small chronic changes in temperature...


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