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Second Battle of Marne

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Second battle of the Marne
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WWI was a hard fought battle by many countries around the world. It was a brutal and long lasting effect that the men that fought in this war will never forget. There were many battles won throughout this war but a turning point for this war was a battle that the Americans were the tip of the spear. Leading the French against the heavily handed Germans and with standing there attack and sending an attack of their own that eventually led to the surrender of the Germans, it was the second battle of the Marne.
The Americas role in the second battle of the Marne was vital to the success over the Germans. The Americans Expeditionary Force with over 250,000 men fighting under overall French command played key roles both in the initial defense and the later advances. The 3rd, 28th and 42nd divisions were among the several other divisions that had been placed under French command for the first allied victory. The second battle of the Marne started with the German armies getting the command to employ a major offensive attack from the Chemin des Dames northeast of Paris towards the River Marne threatening both Paris and the Paris - Verdun rail link (Hanlon M. 1998-2000).
The plan that would eventually grant a victory for the allies, was to absorb the attack, let the Germans tire out, then counter attack along with an offensive move of their own. On the night of July 14 the artillery began to hit as the Germans attacked the American and French forces along the Marne river. The 3rd division of the American Expeditionary forces made wisely stand on the left end of the Marne river line. The 38th regiment of the 3rd division made a remarkable stand against the Germans, as they stopped there artillery attacked and began their ground attack on foot.   The 38th regiment set up four platoons, that the Germans managed to fight made their way through three of them. As the Germans made their way to the fourth platoon, but at that point they were...


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