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Snow White

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Snow White would have never thought something so tragic could happen in her life, but this is her story.   Snow White’s mother, Emma Grimhilde was very disappointed in the daughter whom she always thought was an adorable little angel, until she turned out to be a disobedient disturbed child.   She wouldn’t listen to her mother even though her mother always tried to show her love and understanding.   Snow White started hanging out with her troublesome friends and continually ran away.   Her mother feared that something serious was going to happen to her or her family because, of the mischievous things that her daughter had started doing.   Snow White had started going from state to state hacking into different federal agency accounts.   Emma feared so much of what could happen to her little girl and family that she felt that she had to leave everything behind to save her own life.   So she faked her own death by overdosing on pills.   Snow White was so distraught over her mother’s death that she decided to move away and began looking for a new life.   She ended up in New York and began drinking her misery away in a local pub called McSorley’s Old Ale House when she met the seven dwarfs Jesse James, Al Capone, Lee Oswald, Billy the kid, John Gotti, Frank Costello and Josie Wells.   These dwarfs were known to always be in a lot of mischief.   While drinking and telling stories the seven dwarfs convinced Snow White to try her hand in computer hacking.   They set her up with a laptop and she quickly proved to be quite skillful.   The dwarfs convinced her to help them with a bank robbery and felt that her computer skills would be very useful.   Snow White knew that this wasn’t a good idea but, she didn’t care what the dwarf’s jobs were, all she cared about was how they made her feel.   They made her feel like she was a part of them and that she was loved.   Now that her mother was gone all she ever dreamed about was having someone to love again.


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