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Kung Fu

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Have you ever heard the Kung Fu of China? Today, there are over 400 types of Kung Fu. Many people practice this ancient Chinese martial art. Kung Fu has a long, but exciting history, such as, how and why it started. There are also important laws and techniques of Kung Fu that are recognized around the world.
Kung-Fu began in the Shaolin Temple of China more than 4,000 years ago. It is known to be the oldest and most common martial art in the world. It is similar yoga because it can help with health and be used for exercises. Ancient people used it for self-defense. In the website, “School of Eastern Martial Arts”, Dr.Yang Jwing-Ming states, “The beginning of Chinese Martial Arts probably started long before history was recorded.” He reveals, “Since the martial techniques first developed in very ancient times, gradually they became part of Chinese culture.” It was told that the Chinese made Kung Fu to fend off its enemies. The attacks of the enemies have given the Chinese the idea of Kung Fu. The history of Kung Fu changed the culture of Ancient China by making a very well-trained fighting force.
Many people think that Kung Fu only teaches fighting. However, it doesn’t only teach fighting techniques, but ways to be disciplined. Kung Fu includes two main things: having manners and the posture of your body. Some of the laws of Kung Fu are respecting teachers, and showing respect to other students, not showing techniques to others, or telling others without permission. It also includes being generous, showing that you practice Kung Fu, and not giving up halfway. They are required to respect elders, and protect kids. They must not bully or use Kung Fu for attacking the weak. The focus of Kung Fu is always gaining discipline over oneself.
Kung Fu has many fighting techniques that are very unique and special. Kung Fu came from five fierce animals. They are the dragon, tiger, snake, crane, and leopard. The fighting techniques of Kung Fu are very similar to the fighting...


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