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Imagine you had a hundred dollars
Lakeisha Murray
English/ Mrs. Sims

Imagine you had a hundred dollars
If I had a hundred dollars that I could not keep and had to give it away, I would choose to donate to the feed the children charity. Nearly 18 million families suffer from food insecurity. Lack of food contributes to 2.6 million child deaths every year. Nearly 900 million children don’t have access to clean water. (Feed the children organization, 2014) It really makes me sad to see innocent children dying from lack of daily necessities.

The reason I would choose to donate to the feed the children charity is because I know that the money will go towards a good cause.   I would love to be a part of a solution of making a child or family smile. Hunger has always been a core concern for me. Furthermore, by taking part in the process and knowing that the food would reach the children who need it most, would mean a lot to me. In addition, not only can the money be used for food and water but also towards medical and school supplies.

For example, every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of poor sanitation.   More than 60 million school aged children can’t attend school. (Feed the children organization, 2014) In my research, I learned that more lives can be saved if there was an increase in the medical supplies. For this reason, I would want the feed the children organization to use the money towards medical and school supplies also, but more towards the medical supplies.   Therefore, more children will have a chance at life.

In conclusion, I would choose to donate to the feed the children charity. A lot of children and families wonder if they will ever eat again. Some children are lucky to see another meal and others are not so lucky. As a result of this, 2.6 million lives are lost every year, due to lack of food. In order to see a change in the world, we must start with ourselves first. Be the change that you wish to see in the world....


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