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Transforming Humans

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Transforming Humans via Technology

Through the diversity of technological advancement nowadays, one could cook his own meal in 5 minutes, one could travel significantly distant places in a span of minutes, and one could now communicate to his friend across the globe as long as they both have access to a secure Internet connection. It can be synthesized that technology introduces humans with a sense of control over boundaries such as time and distance.

The flipside of this so-called Information/Digital Age, however, is the culture of “on-demand,” for humans have evolved to crave for fast paced living in almost all facets of one’s lifestyle. Our obsession in this culture has led to further researches of new ways to improve our everyday lives. For instance, the concept of cosmetic technology gives humans the option to alter the features that we were born with. If at some point in the future we develop the technology to significantly improve our lives, such as increased mental capacity, endurance, and life span, should we take the leap, or do we risk losing what makes us human in the first place?

Considering this, what does technology reveal about human essence? Human brilliance has definitely developed an instant way to improve daily lives in technology. Technology reveals human desire for answers to the unknown, change for the better, and control. However, it doesn’t, in itself, answer questions of living and purpose.

Our easy access to technology has led to severe attachment issues with various products of technology such as electronic devices. Some people even have the ability to bury themselves into a device and escape reality for a period of time. This changes many people’s personalities in a drastically negative way. These people seem to care less and less about others and more about themselves.

As this era offers fast paced living, finding and making one’s character has no shortcuts. You can’t just search Google what your passion is. An...


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