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A Unique Entertainment

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A Unique Entertainment
There is nothing like enjoying developing our mind. Certainly, doing puzzles have had a positive effect in my live due to it is a great way to learn English,   an excellent training for my brain, and a relaxing activity.

First, doing puzzles is an effective tool for me to improve my English. Anytime I try to solve one of them I   incorporate new words to my vocabulary. In the same way, I perform my spelling skills. Also, I have to combine the verbal tense to develop my writing in the best way. Definitely, puzzles are a great source of knowledge for me.

Second, this activity affects my brain in a positive way. There are different types of puzzles, and they each require me to think differently. A standard crossword makes me think of a word, based on its definition, and how it is spelt. While Sudoku requires me to use my logical thinking skills to place the numbers correctly in the puzzle grid. In Fact, solving puzzles improve my thinking skills and   the ability of reasoning.
Third, doing puzzles keeps me relaxed. As I can do them in family it not only helps us to be together, but also to have fun and learn at the same time. Besides, when solving them my mind is too busy that I do not have space for any problem around me. Obviously, to make puzzles is a great activity for the whole family.
In Conclusion, doing puzzles helps me a lot because it enhances my knowledge about the English language and it shapers my mind. Furthermore, it entertains me. Definitely, this hobby improves my life.


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