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Sand Making Machine Maintenance Technology How to Master

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Application of sand making machine widely, this is as everyone knows the facts. System sand machine must be maintained, in order to reduce the sand making machine maintenance expenses, master some sand making machine repair and maintenance technology is the necessary skills. Then, the sand making machine should grasp the essential maintenance technology in the process of use? Basically can be summed up in three points.
Lubrication system of the first system sand machine (http://www.sandmakingmachineshaft.org/)should adopt Mobil vehicle grease super or 3# grease, when the sand making machine over 400 hours should be added to the amount of grease, so you can play lubrication system sand machine, sand making machine when the workers 2000 hours, should open the spindle assembly bearing cleaning, normal next, when the sand making machine work up to 7200 hours, should be the replacement of the new bearings.
Second regular observation of wear sand making machine inside, wear level sand making machine center into feed tube, conical cap, impeller, channel lining plate, circular plate, wear-resisting block and other parts, such as the emergence of large abrasion, replaced with sand making machine these components, in order to avoid due to component wear but sand making machine work appear safe problem. Check to some key parts, if you can not repair, it is best not to arbitrarily assembly, should find a professional repair personnel to repair. Such as: sand making machine inside the impeller.
Third, drive triangle on the sand making machine belt tensioning degree should be properly adjusted, the purpose of doing so in order to ensure the uniform stress of the triangle belt. Dual motor drive, both sides should be grouping matching triangle tape, then its length as consistent as possible. Should be adjusted to make the two motor current difference is less than 15A
For the above three points can be said to be the essential knowledge of sand making machine, grasp the...


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