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My Ideal School

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My ideal school--Kingdom High

    Kingdom high will be a beautiful and cheerful place.Everyone in this school will be happy and relaxed.students will learn all kinds of knowledge and skills.
    Primarily,the teachers in Kingdom High will be friendly and kind,of course,teachers have to be experts in their subject,they will teach students all things that they know.They will treat students as equals and regardless of human race and wealth.They will discover students' advantages and explore his potential.In short teachers will try their best to help every students get knowledge.
    Next,students will choose any subjects they want to study.Subjects in Kingdom High will include Mathematics,Science and Technology,any language,Music,Art,Geography,History,Politics......Even some subjects you just will study in university such as Business,Economy,Architecture,Agriculture and Medicine......Also,students will have the rights to decide to study in-depth or shallow level.
    Besides this,the buildings at Kingdom High will be the most advanced and best equipped.There will be a classroom building,a laboratory building,Art building,an
Office building,a gym and theatre.Kingdom High will build a comfortable and safe environment.
    Then,it's meaningful to let you know that meals at Kingdom High will be fresh and tasty.There will be food from some countries and areas around the world.Kingdom High ensures that every students will eat what they want.
    Finally,as a student not only work hard but also pay attention to exercise.There will
be several sports on offer,such as ball games,track and field.rock-climbing,boxing,swimming and diving.There will be professional coaches and big venues.
    It will be a perfect high school,won't it?I hope government and the rich will invest to build it.

Rachel K


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