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My Ideal School

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My ideal school my ideal school is high quality products. The school almost no teacher, most are robot. The school has eight buildings, two of which is the science and technology building, is a building of art.

Teaching building with seven floors, don't worry about climbing up steep, take the elevator. The elevator is versatile, by elevator person less, elevator will shrink a little bit, many people, will expand automatically, can contain dozens of people. In the elevator can also hear the beautiful music. One to two layers is seven grade classrooms; three to four is the eight grade classrooms; the five layer is the teacher's office; six to seven is nine grade classroom. Each room can accommodate 40 to 50 people.

Art building with five floors, the first layer is the students art place; the second layer is a music place; the third layer is the teachers' office; fourth layer is the design and technology courses in place; the last layer is a rehearsal and guest place. All the students in the science and technology building on the international information course, biology, physics and other subjects. Everyone with a belongs to own a computer, the homework every day, students will be through the computer with e-mail the form to the school automatically review the mailbox. The mailbox will help teachers judgment task, error will be in the form of e-mail sent to students. Science and technology building roof is also equipped with an astronomical telescope.

All school class door is automatic, each class, each having a medical multifunctional robot and robot. Medical multifunctional robot for detecting the physical condition of students, if students of normal body, can the robot detection, and the sick classmate, will receive timely treatment.

School all classrooms and various function rooms of the glass is a special function glass, very hard, even if broken, fragments will not hurt. This glass insulation function is particularly good, does not affect the other...


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