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To Be Sane or Not to Be Sane

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To be Sane or Not to be Sane
One of the biggest arguments in Hamlet is whether the main character, Hamlet, is sane or completely insane. This question is left up to the readers to digest and interpret for themselves. I believe that Hamlet was sane throughout the story and only trying to get revenge on those he believed deserved it. For my reader’s journal, I am going to focus on the reasons why I think Hamlet was completely sane, just smart enough to fool everyone else. I believe that there are very little events that one can conclude Hamlet to be someone who is insane. Everything that Hamlet does in done in a way that is for a reason and with a liable purpose, also he knows and is aware of what is happening around him, which could not be done by someone who is insane.
In Act 1 the reader is introduced to the main plot in the entire drama, the death of King Hamlet. Suddenly a ghost appears; Bernardo, Horatio and Marcellus can’t believe that the ghost of the King is right in front of their very own eyes. Then the drama turns to scene 2 and the readers are introduced to Hamlet. This young man is the son of King Hamlet, and soon the readers are introduced to the idea that Hamlet has “gone mad” due to the death of his father and the re-marriage of his mother to King Hamlets brother Claudius. I believe that Hamlet is sane and is merely acting on negative attention.
When Hamlet first encounters the ghost of his father, he tells Marcellus and Horatio to never speak of what is happening. Hamlet eventually tells Horatio that despite how weird he is acting, he should not speak of anything. “And therefore stranger, you must need help you (187/202).” Hamlet was telling Horatio that he would be acting in a way that was not like his usual self to not ask questions about this. This shows that Hamlet knew exactly what he was going to have to do, also it shows how determined Hamlet was to avenge his father’s death. He also tells Gertrude, his mother, “…mad in craft (188/19).”...


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