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Psychoanalytic theory
Psychology is a social science academic discipline that involves many ideas about personality development. The most and widely known theory in Psychology is a theory of Sigmund theory called the theory of Psychoanalysis. Other theories in Psychology like behavioral, cognitive and so on developed either agreeing or disagreeing with Freud. Weiten ,(2007) defined psychoanalysis as a theory of personality development and change which places more emphasis on the role   of biological factors in determining one’s behaviors. Personality in simple terms is just what makes a person unique from others. Although psychoanalysis theory put heavy emphasis on biological determination of behaviors, as a theory it is claimed to be theoretical comprehensive   of defining personality, thus this essay is about the theoretical comprehensive of psychoanalytic theory and how it s criticized as it put more emphasis on biological determination of behaviors.
Concepts that constitute psychoanalytic theory
Meyer, Moore and Viljoen (2008) they stated that Freud theory is still regarded the most comprehensive theory of personality development of human being because of its clear concepts in describing individual’s behaviors. The theory comprises very well-known psychotherapy methods such as free association, dream analysis and transference. Moreover, the theory credited the influence from different aspects such as religion, social norms and cultural aspects of human nature.
In addition, the theory is credited for outlining that in order to understand individual’s personality one has to know at what level of consciousness a person is at. There are three level of the mind; these are conscious, preconscious and the unconscious. Jacob (2003) as well as Russell, Jarvis and Gorman(2004) described the three level as follow: the conscious mind contain information and ideas that a person is aware off, for instance a person’s first name, on the other side the...


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