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Six inventions made by Australians

  1. Invention: “Black Box” flight recorder.
Inventor: Dr David Warren.
When it was invented: 1956, the first prototype was built.

The aim of this invention is to provide flight information after a plane crash.   Dr David Warren wanted to take the mystery out of air disasters by having a device installed in a plane that records the conversation between the flight crew and also the plane’s instrument readings.
This helps air crash investigators understand the reason(s) for the plane crash by playing back the recorded information to find out what went wrong, so future flights can be made safer.

  2. Invention: Bionic Ear.
Inventor: Prof. Graeme Clark.
When it was invented: 1970s

This invention has enabled deaf people to hear again.

  3. Invention: Orbital engine.
Inventor: Ralph Sarich.
When it was invented: 1972

The orbital engine produces less pollution, is more fuel efficient, cheaper to make and lighter than the traditional engines. These engines are used in cars, motorcycles and boats.

  4. Invention: Victa Lawnmower
Inventor: Mervyn Victor Richardson
When it was invented: 1952

The petrol lawnmower with rotary blades was developed by Mervyn Victor Richardson, and became an Aussie icon.
This invention is used by thousands of households as a fast and efficient way to mow their lawns.

  5. Invention: Microsurgery Operation
Inventor: Professor Earl Owen
When it was invented: 1970

This invention assists many people to rejoin and/or regain functionality of amputated limbs, fingers, toes etc.

  6. Invention: Pop Top Can
Inventor: Sir Ian McLennan
When it was invented: 1973

This invention is used on millions of cans produced and helps reduce litter by having the pop top can button hinged on the can.


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