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Boys and Girls Separate Classrooms Different Teaching Techniques.

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According to the American Psychological Association, research shows that boys and girls learn differently. The findings can explain increased number of public schools that have joined their private counterparts to offer education in separate gender classes. In spite of extensive research on the effects of separated classes, the issue continues to attract political, socioeconomic and civil rights concerns. Some of the arguments for single-sex schools include academic achievement, discipline and reduced gender stereotypes.

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Academic Achievement and Personal Development
Single-gender classes allow teachers to use gender-specific teaching techniques to enhance understanding of children according to their learning preferences. For example, teachers can use “brain breaks” or interactive instruction to enhance teaching language arts, especially for active boys. Teachers are also in a position to center on subjects and topics that are problematic such as theoretical instruction to enhance Math and Science understanding among girls. Students can also branch out to their areas of interest without seeking approval or impression of the opposite gender, which leads to greater personal development.

Discipline and Focus
Single-sex classes help reduce distractions from the opposite sex, increasing focus on the teacher and academics. Separation reduces cases of indiscipline that arise from interaction and peer pressure from the opposite sex. According to an article by Rena Philips at "All Alabama," girls are shy to ask questions in class in the presence of boys, and they consider boys to be boisterous, making it hard for them to concentrate. Teachers also argue that boys are uncomfortable reading journal entries aloud when girls are around. Discipline creates an effective learning environment that can spur academic achievement.

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