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My Best Birthday Ever

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Birthday comes only once a year. This year my birthday was celebrated, the way i wanted it to be. It was the night of 25th August. I was in my bed waiting patiently and starring at the clock, hoping that when will the clock strike 12:00 am and the calendar will change its date. I waited and waited. After some while, it was 12:00am. I was so curious about the e surprise my parents promised me. But I found out that no one knocked at my door to wish me. Suddenly I felt a strange silence in the house. I got out of my room to see what happened? I checked each bedroom but nobody was there. I got a little bit scared to find myself alone. Suddenly I heard someone running the dining room. I went toward the room, opened the door and found the room pitch black. As I stepped inside the room, I felt some presence and suddenly all the lights were switched on and every one yelled:
“Surprise Happy Birthday”
I was so shocked and surprised to find all my family friends, cousins and my parents in the room. The room was decorated with balloons and ribbons, in the center lay my birthday cake on a table. I cut the cake and every one wished me and gave me gifts. I thanked everyone for giving me their precious time and after having some fun, I went back to my room because it was almost 3:00am and I have to go to school. Before going to sleep I thanked Allah for giving me such caring and loving family, relatives and friends who make my life wonderful and me through my life


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