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Track Is Life

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College Essay
Medinah Spencer
            Tenacious. Throughout my life I have been relentless to the challenges that have crossed my path.   I have been stubborn to the cloudiness that has consistently attempted to blur my future success. Students everyday face two choices and that is to try or look the obstacle in the face and run from it.
When it all comes down to it, track and field is my life. My future depends on this sport. The feeling that I get when I talk about track is pride. I’ve accomplished the most in this sport and it feels good to hear my name on the announcements or seeing my posters around the school. Track and Field pushes me to do better in school to get into a good college. When it’s time for me to run I get in my zone. No talking, no facial expression.. maybe an arched brow but I am confident on the track.
            Anticipation gets me excited, my adrenaline plotting my place in the race. With my head down looking at the lane I’m about to sprint through, I know I have to make it to that finish line first. These hurdles look five feet high looking up from the line. The official raises the gun slowly, but I don’t anticipate it. I anticipate my reaction and my movement.   I have to make it to the first hurdle. SET! My legs raise, sturdy against the blocks as I’m tipped almost over the start. POP! I attack and sprint to the first hurdle. My lead leg extends and my trail leg blazes in rotation over the first hurdle. 1-2-3 steps in between each, my back arches forward with each leap. Momentum is gained as the crowd cheers me on, I can feel all eyes on me and if I don’t get to that finish line first, I’ll be embarrassed. I’ll be embarrassed to have used all that energy just to lose. So I have to win. Out the corner of my eye I see legs kicking out, trying and inching. My speed is gaining but my feet are heavy.
            Wobbling through the last three hurdles, I see my future. I see what those hard practices do. I see why my coach made me...


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