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Behavior Modification Project

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Behavior Modification Project
Learning & Behavior, PSY 385
Spring 2007

Throughout the semester, we have been discussing principles of operant conditioning and more recently how they are applied in behavior modification.   For this project, I want you to choose a behavior of your own (or a pet, etc.) that you would like to change. You will then design, institute, and evaluate a behavior modification program to change the behavior.   You should identify the target behavior and how you intend to change it.   I recommend that you try to establish or strengthen a desirable behavior as it is more straight forward and probably easier to accomplish.   There will be three separate assignments (described below) with different due dates to be completed.   Each assignment will be worth 20 points which is double that of your other writing assignments.   This is because this project will require more work and writing than the other writing assignments.   Each paper should be 3-4 pages in length not including ABC diaries and graphs (or any other data that you collect).   I will grade the assignments using the same criteria used for the other writing assignments along with how well you used behavior modification techniques (including using the appropriate terminology) and the completeness of your supporting data.   It will not be graded on how successful you are in changing the behavior.   In the instructions for each assignment the steps in behavior modification that we talked about in class will be indicated in bold type.   Although I will not tell you how to set up your behavior modification program, I am happy to act as a consultant if you have any questions during the process.   All materials should be typed using a word processor (except ABC diaries which can be handwritten and legible).   Graphs should be made using a computer program such as MS Excel or a similar program.

Assignment 1.   For this assignment you should identify a behavior you wish to modify and set goals for your...


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