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Toxoplasmosis is commonly acquired through contact with cats or cat's litter or by ingesting a raw or partly cooked meat (White, Duncan &ump; Baumle, 2011). Clinical signs and symptoms that Mr. T.M could have shown are mild headache, fever or lethargy to poor coordination (White, Dunacan, &ump; Baumle, 2011). The diagnostis of toxoplasmosis is done through brain imaging by identifying the brain lesion, or through the presence of antibodies to toxoplasmosis gondii, or a recent onset of neurologic abnormality (White, Duncan &ump; Baumle, 2011). Mr T.M's treatment could have included an oral pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine (White, Duncan &ump; Baumle, 2011).
Another opportunistic disease that Mr.T.M is currently facing is Pneumocystis carinii which is the most common serious infection among Human Immunodeficiency infected individuals (White, Duncan &ump; Baumle, 2011). The clinical signs and symptoms that MR. T.M manifested are dyspnea, and cough productive of clear sputum. Pneumocystis carinii is primarily found in the lungs but it has been reported in the adrenal glands, bone marrow, skin, thyroid, kidneys and spleen of persons with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (White, Duncan, &ump; Baumle, 2011). Due to the involvement of important organs a full thorough systems assessment is required. Diagnosis of Mr. T.M could have included chest x-ray showing diffuse infiltrates, or fiber optic bronchoscopy which is the standard of choice in obtaining a definitive diagnosis; procedure includes obtaining sputum which demonstrated the presence of the organism (White, Duncan &ump; Baumle, 2011). The treatment of Mr. T.M will include IV pentamide isethionate or sulfamethazole trimetoprim given orally or IV; these medications are the current standards for Pneumocystis carinii (White, Duncan &ump; Baumle, 2011).
Oral and esophageal candidiasis is an oral opportunistic fungal infection that usually appears if CD4 levels fall below 300; esophageal candidiasis is an Acquired...


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