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Hamlet, a pensive man of intelligence who just graduated from university, was inflicted severely after encountering the ghost and being informed of the tragic truth of the death of his father. Indulged in the midst of grief for his reverent father and the conflict of whether he should commit regicide, in my vision Hamlet has chosen an alternative path and transmuted into a man who willingly embrace death with signs of Freud’s psychological defense mechanisms-intellectualization and rationalization. He no longer could see fortune in his life but transcended himself beyond mortality and trampled the fear of death under his feet. Quoted “You cannot sir, take…except my life” proved to be a manifestation of Hamlet’s suicidal mindset and it could be explained why.
    After witnessing his uncle having sexual affair with his mother along with the death of his father, defense mechanisms-intellectualization and rationalization arisen to soothe his grief.   Instead of killing his uncle swiftly, Hamlet became indecisive and doubtful in taking revenge, for instance he spared killing Claudius in church as he convinced himself that killing in church would not fully fulfill his vengeance since Claudius would be sent into heaven, we could see the contemplative Hamlet was adopting rationalization to justify his inability to kill and it could be concluded that Hamlet no longer saw the death of his uncle as first priority but subconsciously desired to be dead, for he realizes Earth no longer had pleasure that would blossom in his heart. In Act 4 we could clearly observe Hamlet’s perspective towards death whilst he contemplated the meaning of life and death through the skull with the company of gravediggers, he expressed his indifferent attitude of death, if death is inevitable and mortals could never cheat Gods and eschew it, he declared men’s earthly wealth and power could never lengthen mortality: all men of greatness are bound to die. Therefore, it could be conceived that...


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