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The Love Songs of the Beatles

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Variations on a Theme: The Love Songs of the Beatles
In the article "Variations on a Theme: The Love Songs of the Beatles" written by Ian Inglis and published by Croatian musicological society at Jun 1997, the author Brings to our attention that the dominant subject of the Pop music was and still is "LOVE". Similar to other genres, Pop music has a basis. Where the Blues has loss and despair, the Gospel has god and religion, Pop music's main theme is Love. In Comparison to other media types, movies or literature, that deal with many different subjects besides love (not all the Poetry is love poetry, not all the movies are romance), the Pop music had been recognized as genre that looks at and expresses almost only the different aspects of Love.
Everyone knows Pop music is the mainstream musical preference of people worldwide. There are several reasons that make the genre so successful. Different researchers and critics give their own opinions on the subject.
HOGGART, HARKER - The lyrics talks about positive feelings and relations with another person usually a romantic partner. The lightness of this kind of music and fun atmosphere it brings, function as a certain window to escape from reality to a happy fantasy world.
NEGUS, BURNETT- The genre appeals to a specific public, 15-24 year olds, which are 45% of the music industry customers. The success of the record is determined by the amount of sales rather than the quality of the songs. Approaching this large target audience guarantees the success of an album.
FIRTH – Pop music songs don’t reflect any emotion by themselves, however they give us an opportunity to express our own feelings while enjoying the music. Firth analyzes songs according to three parameters: The way the song is performed by the artist, the genre of the song and last, all the technical details such as rhythm, sound and etc.
FRIDLANDER, KOLAWOLE – Along the course of history, different love Songs were popular depending on the current...


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