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Impact Crusher the Importance of Voltage Stability

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Crusher is like a boundless strength giant, will embrace the kneading with materials easily broken into small particles, let a person have to exclamation in his destruction.And these destructive power source, it is through the stable voltage.With the continuous development of mining industry in China, the counterattack crusher has become a indispensable crushing equipment in mining industry.So how to stabilize voltage counterattack crusher, is the problem we faced.
If the voltage is not stable, lead to more than just crusher underpowered, will cause a greater impact to the crusher
1. Working voltage instability will cause eccentric shaft sleeve, set loose or fall off, can lead to bearing frame, led to the grandmother stuck eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft can't normal running and equipment will suddenly stop.So work to ensure that the voltage stability.
Working voltage is not stable, can also lead to counterattack crusher host cannot bear too much pressure and downtime, its bearing components is broken parts, the main discharge if bearing damage, will replace new bearing in a timely manner.
2, voltage instability will also bring back feeding non-uniformity, the situation of the discontinuous.Feeding speed is greater than the speed of the crushing cavity and discharging port congestion is serious, yes products can not discharge in time, and material constant join equipment, will eventually outages caused by overload.
3, voltage instability or cause crusher in operation of drive belt tensioning degree is big, the belt loose, sliding, the belt is a little effect on transmission shaft into moving parts such as lost, and the material is within the continuous supply of the crusher, caused the car door.
Say so many, is to everybody attaches great importance to the voltage stability of the crusher continuously, to prevent accidental parking.
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