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Marble Broken Should Use the Counter or Cone Crusher

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How to go on the offensive and cone breaking is everyone interested in topics, we have mentioned before.Because of these two types of crusher is a very common type, can be crusher industry, two crusher together PK it feels a bit like the king of Kings.But between strengths and does not conflict, in their respective fields play an irreplaceable role.
Because each has his strong point, so the choice of crusher should be linked to specific needs.In the crusher equipment category, mainly in the coarse crushing, crushing, fine grinding of said, according to the different methods of can be broadly divided into hubei type coarse fine equipment, reaction type/cone crusher in the equipment, impact type finely equipment, etc.So finely processed marble re-election which production equipment is the most appropriate?

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, relative to the granite marble hardness is soft.If to finely can go on the offensive or cone breaking.Both belong to the secondary crushing, how to choose the main or see a broken marble and finely finished materials hardness size problem and needs.Counterattack break is a kind of applicable to the lower hardness of the material, and the size and the shape of the finished product especially good, less needle flake;Cone break above is applicable to the hardness and the material of broken, and the needle plate, the size and the shape of the finished product is inferior to fight back the finished material.

Above all, it is known that, marble and finely with counterattack broken equipment is most appropriate, and back to break the small size, simple structure, big crushing ratio, less energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform end product size, and selective crushing effect.User during the period of go on the offensive and cone breaking can be based on the reasonable material selection, production more stone crushing equipment with our site...


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