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Some Info for the Third Question on a “Beginner Driver Education”

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Question 3: when driving on a highway at 80 km/h the safe following distance is     . When would you increase this distance? List their answers below.

At 80 km/h, 2 seconds is about 150 feet*.

When is snowing

When the roads are wet

When the traffic is heavy

When is dark

When you have a low visibility.

Explain how these answers could cause havoc on our highways if the following distance is not increased when required.
"If the following distance is not increased when is snowing, the roads are wet, the traffic is heavy, when is getting darker, or when you a low visibility, it would cause you to have lethal accident.

When snowing, you won't have enough time to slow down and it would end on an accident.

When the road is wet, the tires will have les grip and if the distance is not increased, you could have an accident or cause others to have an accident.

When the traffic is heavy, you could crash hat any moment, because the being too close to the car in front of you, it could cause you to have a serious accident.

When is dark, your visibility will be lower and you need more time to slow down, and if the distance is not increased when is darker, it would cause you and others to have serious accidents.

When you have a low visibility, for example fog, you won't see a thing and it would end in an accident, and that's why you need to drive slower and with longer distance and precaution."


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