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Benefits of Oil

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Oil, a money saver!

Our dependence on oil is undeniable. Oil is a natural resource that has supported us in every step of development. The status and quality of standard achieved by our world is due to the development of oil usage. The world would not be what it is today without oil.   Along with providing us energy, oil also helps us use the modern technology we couldn’t possibly live without, such as: Cars, air planes, plastic, also production of other products that we demand daily also leads back to a primary source of energy, which most of the time ends up being oil (2).

If you doubt the worlds or even your dependency on oil, ask yourself, how would life be without oil? , because at the point we stand now, eliminating or even reducing the consumption of oil could lead to devastation. Not only economically, oil could also affect the social aspects of our lives. Lets take Germany as an example, about 18 million tones of their crude oil is processed into materials every year, almost 40% of all German textiles contain oil and for functional clothing this could go up to 100% also, about 40 billion liters is used only for the production of CD’s and DVD’s, which makes it easy to predict how much is required for other aspects of life (3). You might be asking your self-why support oil?. “The U.S. oil and natural gas industry supports more than 9 million jobs nationwide, supports over 7% of GDP, and contributes more than $86 million to the Federal Treasury every day.

Oil can be easily extracted from the ground and is also cheaper to be distributed (5), oil has a greater power compared to many other resources, plus its much cheaper compared to renewable resources (7). Lastly it has created opportunities for the economies of many countries (ones where it is managed well and is in the right hands) improving the lives of people over the years and increasing the country’s reputation. The total world energy demand is for about 400 quadrillion British Thermal Units...


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