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Advanced Practice of Management
Date: 17/03/2014
Duc Anh Le

Learning Log 6:

Significant Experience:
Presentation skills
What Happened:
Presentation seems in some cases to be of secondary importance; in fact, quite often a poor presentation does not carry much weight in the final assessment.
In practice, however, inadequate presentation skills may divert the attention of the listener away from the message and direct it towards the interpreter’s presentation deficiencies, resulting in irritation and even loss of information on the part of the listener.
Naturally, I don’t wish to propose that a poor performance should pass because of good presentation skills. However, the question is whether an interpreter’s presentation skills may be so poor that the performance as such is regarded as a fail in spite of an eminent rendering of the content.
General presentation problems
Among the general problems that can be cured relatively easily belong
Bad habits
- fillers such as uh, ah, erm etc - false starts
- hesitations
- poor intonation
The “uhs, ahs, erms”, which are so common in my daily speech, can be cured quite easily during presentation assessment. The way to stop saying “ah” or “uhm” is, that what we are doing is voicing their thoughts and considerations instead of just keeping silent when considering how to continue.
The next step is to stop them every time they make these sounds and ask them to repeat the sentence without the specific filler. If you are systematically stopped in this manner, they will soon be able to get rid of these bad habits. This also has the advantage that we are made aware of having to pay attention to what they produce early in the training, i.e. to consciously and consistently audio-monitor their performance.
Conclusions And Learning Points:
Good presentation skills are a significant part of a successful interpreting performance. A natural talent for such skills is an advantage, but in most cases students...


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