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I think that people who have gotten lung cancer from tobacco should not be allowed to sue the   tobacco companies. They chose to use the tobacco product and they knew the effects they would get and they still used the product. All tobacco companies have on the box or carton all the effects that the product can cause. I really wish people would take these effects seriously. They think that nothing bad is going to happen to them and it will only happen to other people. Do you really want this to happen to you? If you don’t want this to happen do not use tobacco products. If you do want this to happen then don’t try to blame the tobacco company for your actions they warned you on what could happen and you didn’t listen. For example “forty years ago, Mr. Landers posted on billboards and magazines representing cigarette smoking as classy. Now Mr. Landers fights late stage lung cancer and he is suing RJ Reynolds, the parent company of Winston cigarettes, in a multimillion dollar lawsuit, claiming that smoking ruined his health.” As you can see in this lawsuit Alan Landers has been smoking for years and is all about tobacco. Now all that has caught up to him and he has lung cancer. He is trying to sue RJ Reynolds for something that is his fault. On the box of Winston cigarettes it even says “smoking kills.” It is just crazy how Landers is trying to sue this innocent tobacco company. He is just trying to get money for something that he knows he did wrong. He knows now that he should have never smoked cigarettes. RJ Reynolds states that “landers was free to read the warning signs.” I am totally on RJ Reynolds side. He had all the signs right in front of him. All tobacco companies have all the warning signs on the package because they know what can happen if people get cancer and any other health problems. If you smoke cigarettes be sure to read all the labels and what not. Wants you read them you will be sure to take precaution. Also your life is on the line if you do...


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