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Psilocybe cubensis Growing Technique

This method is directed for people who have never grown magic mushrooms before because it is a very reliable way to grow magic mushrooms.

The first time you use the process you should follow the directions exactly and resist the temptation to innovate. Innovation without experience is the primary cause of failure.

If you must innovate because you can not find a particular item or for some other reason, first check with someone that has experience to make sure you are not doing something crazy.

If you have tried this method but still can't produce a crop of magic mushrooms, there is an easier method but it will not produce as large a crop.

A quick description of the procedure

A substrate consisting of brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water that will feed and supply water to our magic mushrooms is sealed in ½ pint jars and sterilized in a pressure cooker, or boiling water. This is to kill anything that might endanger the mushrooms.

After the mushroom substrate has been sterilized and has cooled, mushroom spores are added to the substrate using a syringe full of spore solution. The spores germinate and colonize the entire jar full of substrate.

They are germinated at about 75-85 degrees F, in a dark place. The resulting 'cakes' are removed from the jars when fully colonized, and placed in a terrarium with temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees until mushrooms begin to grow from the cakes.

After mushrooms form, they grow best at 80-90 degrees, with 90-95% humidity in a place that gets some light. When mature, they are harvested and dried. Magic mushrooms you produce yourself will probably be at least two to three times as potent as buying them from someone else.

This is because your magic mushrooms will be fresh and they will have been grown under optimal conditions. Most mushrooms bought on the street are several months old, or older and have grown wild outdoors.


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